Best Investment Opportunity in Lahore – Ritzy Shopping Center

One of the most terrible tasks when you are looking for a place to Best Investment Opportunity in Lahore is to choose between a house or buy an Commercial Shop. The trend of Shops has a number of solid advantages in front of the house, and everything comes down to who needs what determines there the decision to buy a house or Commercial Shop.

Best investment opportunity in Lahore

The strategic business significance of Gulberg III is indisputable when we talk about a high-value real estate market, which is always in high demand. For many, Gulberg is a rich market from an investment point of view, but said if you were lucky enough to seize commercial real estate in Main Boulevard or conversational Ali Zaib Road. Investing in GRAND SQUARE MALL is designed to give you the most promising returns from your investments without having to rely on the time to sell, as the Ali Zaib Road connects the main Gulberg Boulevard Road and owns a commercial outlet there or a luxury Offices is in great demand.

Risk-Free Investments – Secured Investments with Expectations of Return on Investment – Commercial Shops

Highly-productive buyers are always ready to buy real estate in Gulberg III, either because you are looking for ultra-modern in fully equipped luxury Offices or you want to create your own GRAND SQUARE MALL outlet that offers both options. The third option is exclusively in the investment perspective on real estate, which makes it possible to get a golden opportunity that available at GRAND SQUARE MALL.

Construction is Growing Rapidly

Investing in GRAND SQUARE MALL is completely safe because GSM Developers is a leading real estate developer who builds this magnificent building, which guarantees of the units. Guarantee of completion and guarantee of rent. Construction is growing rapidly, and the future prospects of this project are enormous as those who have invested, as projects launched and opening soon, already use the chance to eliminate their investments with the highest returns of almost 25% in just 7 months. The ROI is exactly synchronized with commercial real estate Gulberg, estimated annual growth rates of 25 to 30%.

Typical Investment Features in GRAND SQUARE MALL

  • Guarantee of the Completion, which nobody offers
  • Guaranteed rental income for investing without any leased corporations is a big plus, and no other project in the same area offers this
  • Fair Market Valuation gives you the advantage to compare square meter prices in other GRAND SQUARE MALL projects and keep in mind that none of the existing or developed projects can offer GRAND SQUARE MALL individual features. Shop there
  • Several size of stores can match your budget for investment in GRAND SQUARE MALL.
  • An object management system that would allow limited access, 24-safety and security, high-speed lifts and escalators, a special reception hall for apartment owners. A variety of emergency exit options include internal stairs, secured with ceiling steel stairs, fire control systems, central air conditioning systems, heating and ventilation. Surveillance cameras and security.
  • High quality interior fittings in luxury Offices, fully equipped Offices, concierge services and staff parking.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing is a process by which individuals, companies and organizations strive to create and share values ​​with others.

On the other hand, marketing is a process that allows companies to create value for customers and develop more customer-friendly relationships that stimulate call-to-action in the form of purchasing services or adopting calibrated solutions for using investment opportunities.

  • Marketing is a management process that allows you to identify, predict and meet customer requirements.
  • Determine the type of client (will be a luxury Offices, owner of a commercial store or investor in real estate).
  • Remove customer requirements
  • Determination of customer needs

Sales & Marketing Success – GRAND SQUARE MALL

Best investment opportunity in LahoreGRAND SQUARE MALL is a multi-story mixed-use building, which includes luxury Offices, commercial Stores, Fun zon and Bouncing Area in the heart of Gulberg, at 8 – E/3, Main Boulevard. The project is developed by GRAND SQUARE MALL Developers who are setting new trends in many areas to the people of Pakistan, quality construction according to international standards, outclasses luxury Offices with imported fittings and fixtures, facilities management system, trendy and in-demand amenities, Food courts and endless Rooftop Garden are a few examples.

With Project completion guarantee and Rental Guarantee and humongous location features pave the way for an instant success of GRAND SQUARE MALL projects without third party helping to sell commercial properties in the form of fully-serviced luxury Offices and retail stores of various sizes. The secured investment feature enables our sales and marketing team to achieve milestone goals with the stipulated time.