Real Estate And 2019: Invest Wisely

Real estate is one of the highly rewarding businesses in Pakistan. Changes in circumstances of a country do affect the real estate in positive or negative way. One of these changing factors is the famous CPEC project that does not need any introduction. Well, to cut the story short this is the linkage between Pakistan and China to form alliance considering the upcoming years of business supremacy. It is expected to have huge impact on the economy of Pakistan. Its length is 3,218 KM and is in the construction phase where it requires much time & patience till its completion. CPEC will affect the real estate sector in the whole Pakistan including all its provinces and major cities. It is expected to give a rise to real estate sector in Pakistan.

Real Estate And Gdp

Real estate of Pakistan is its economy`s backbone. In Pakistan there are about 250 varying industries that are connected with projects of real estate. These include cement, steel, sanitary fittings, timber, building and more. This sector is second to agriculture with respect to employment opportunities. With worth of over $700 billion it contributes about 2 percent towards GDP. With the passage of time it is predicted that this sector will increase in its contribution towards betterment of the country.

What Market Is Inclined To

Talking about the existing market, this is the most suitable time for well-aware investors having in-depth understanding of this market. There are many projects initiated by the public and private sector that altogether increases prospects for real estate. Simply it means increase in demand for real estate properties. One must utilize consultancy services to get better understanding of the market before making any prospective investments. Prices vary from city to city and if we think about most potential places to invest in, the name of DHA and Grand Square Mall in Lahore pop out to mind.

Worth Investing Places

In DHA there are plots both commercial & residential with low prices. Prices for these plots are expected to rise overtime and eventually they will be giving much profit after few years. If we consider the trend of price increase in real estate, it is always upwards in the scenario of Pakistani industry. Grand Square Mall is another worth considering investment choice. It is a modern architecture located in the central area of Lahore at Gulburg-III.

Shops for sale in Gulberg LahoreIt comes with many investment options. You can invest in shops, food court areas, offices, apartments etc. They come with easy payment plans so you can manage investments if you are short of money right now. Prices here are again expected to increase within years and your investment might give you double the share you pay now. Other areas to invest are:

  • DHA Lahore plots
  • Defence Raya commercials phase VI
  • Imlaak Homes
  • Gold Crest Mall located in DHA Lahore

2019 is the right year to make investment decision. Be aware of market trends and invest now to earn more in future.