Real Estate as the Booming Sector in Pakistan
Real Estate as the Booming Sector in Pakistan
August 27, 2017

Due to improved security conditions, increased foreign investment and overall good conditions has increased confidence of investors in the economy of the country. Overall trend of Pakistan`s economy is upwards trajectory. It is reflected by booming properties sector of the country that shows dual return on investments. This is particularly the case in the metropolitan…

Successful Property Investors
Successful Property Investors Truth Revealed
August 27, 2017

Investment in real estate sector in Pakistan is a high benefit area. It is one of those sectors where investors enjoy positive and healthy growth from many years. People have largely invested in real estate in Pakistan and they enjoy high returns for their investments now. In the previous years despite of some issues, this…

High Profits for Investment in Real Estate
High Profits for Investment in Real Estate in Pakistan
August 13, 2017

In Pakistan nowadays, trading of real estate is like that of a commodity. Investors buy bulk properties and later on sell these at exorbitant profits. When we compare properties` prices nowadays with those in 2002-2008, we see that there was a smooth flow of rates prevailing all over the country in old years. After that…

4 Best Locations for Buying Rental Property in Pakistan
The 4 Best Locations for Buying Rental Property in Pakistan
August 3, 2017

The real estate market in Pakistan showed strong growth in 2016 and that trend seems to have slowed into 2017, with fewer homes being sold on a year-on-year basis. However, global economic conditions may be more to blame than the availability of property for sale. The political climate in Pakistan has always been a concern…

Real Estate Sector of Pakistan
Opportunities and Challenges in Real Estate Sector of Pakistan
July 14, 2017

Pakistan right now is an inviting place for foreign investment in real estate sector. An estimated investment of US$ 59 billion under the flagship of CPEC is going to trigger an economic activity on a mass scale and put Pakistan on a path of sustainable growth. It will have a long term trickle down effect…

Trend of Commercial Property in Pakistan
The Emerging Trend of Commercial Property in Pakistan
July 3, 2017

The disbursements of Pakistan on construction $5.2 billion annually and the property developers are playing a vital role in the rapid growth of country’s economy. This is purely beneficial in bringing in the foreign investors to our country as they spend a lot of money for the development projects which are legal and have good…

Corporate Offices in Gulberg Lahore
Role of Internet and Online Portals in Real Estate Business in Pakistan
June 25, 2017

In Pakistan, online business and digitization of business have gained tremendous popularity and growth in recent years. There are so many online portals available for buyers and sellers of their products. Digitization has made the business easier across the borders and globe. Associated industries like logistics and supply chain companies have also got boom. New…

Best investment opportunity in Lahore
Impact of CPEC on Real Estate and development sector in Pakistan
June 25, 2017

Pakistan by virtue of pivotal geographical location and rich natural resources has remained of paramount importance for any leading bi-lateral or multi-lateral regional arrangement on political and economic fronts. CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is part of China’s “One belt, one road” vision where Pakistan has a central and essential role to play. This project…

Best property investment in Lahore
Lahore an Evolutionary City for the Real-Estate and Builders Industry
June 25, 2017

Lahore, a city of vibrant and hospitable people is renowned as heart of Pakistan.  The rich culture, historical places, traditional cuisine and famous educational institutions are the captivating highlights for not only indigenous residents but also for the people living in different parts of Pakistan. Architecture history of Lahore is really glorious, amplified and spanned…

Grand Square Mall: The Right Place to Invest In
May 30, 2017

Introduction: The Grand Square Mall is a new development in Lahore. This project by Salman Developers, a project in the heart of Lahore. It will be a big shinning building touching the horizon. This mall is being established in Gulberg facing Main Boulevard Road on one side and Ali Zaib road on the other side….

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