Best property investment Lahore | Have You Ever Thought About Owning Property?

Best property investment What does it really mean to invest in yourself? I mean shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc. But what is your plan when you reach the point you dream of? Of course, everyone must constantly save for their retirement, but is not there another goal aside? Starting a low cost business may sound…

Best property investment in Lahore | Factors You Cannot Ignore.

Best property investment in Lahore. Buying commercial real estate from which you can run your business can be one of the best decisions you make, especially about costs. It is a much better choice in terms of costs, compared to homes on lease or rental that can be quite pricey. However, it is important to…

What Makes the Best Shopping Mall | Best Shopping Malls in Lahore
September 28, 2018

Best Shopping Malls Lahore-Pakistan For a lifestyle center to qualify as the best shopping Malls Lahore, there are certain factors to consider. With the proliferation of these establishments in almost every street in any city, it is logical that we use our taste and discriminating preferences when determining if a particular mall meets the requirements. After…

Real Estate Investing: Some Things You Should Know
September 5, 2018

Real Estate Investing: Some Things You Should Know Investing in housing is not a rocket science. However, if you are investing in a housing crisis you may charge more information as much as possible. Really about a real estate (as something else) you should never stop reading. For the purposes of this article I will…

Commercial Shops for Sale
What real estate is actually?
August 18, 2018

What real estate is actually? The word real estate includes land, buildings, property and air rights marked above the surface of land. It also includes the one below land’s underground rights. In actual this term means real and you can call it physical property as well. It originated from the word res that is Latin…

Selling Or Renting Out? What Suits You!
July 20, 2018

Selling Or Renting Out? What Suits You! Real estate has its own charm and this charm fascinates you more when you earn more. There is no limit to the desire for power and money. When you are in the real estate profession, you need to know which area can lead to higher profits for you….

Pakistan’s Real Estate
Pakistan’s Real Estate: What To Expect
July 7, 2018

Pakistan`s real estate market is one of the hot topics discussed every day. This market never experienced steady trend at its lowest though some slow trends for the time being arose. These ups and downs still cannot decrease the charm for investment in real estate. Earlier days of 2016 showed swing of the rates but…

Budget Impact On Pakistan’s Real Estate
June 12, 2018

Budget Impact On Pakistan’s Real Estate Just like other factors that affect real estate, currently introduced budget for next financial year has its implications. Check out the below highlights of Budget Impact On Pakistan’s Real Estate. Advance tax of one percent to be deducted from property transactions to be adjusted while filing annual income tax…

Tips for Investing In Shopping Centers at No Loss
April 26, 2018

Those who are interested in investments in shopping centers or retail property, this is the right time to step forward. As the market is gushing upwards and prices are going to top ends, it is a wise decision to invest now. There are plenty of options to invest in and one of these is the…

What Is a Real Estate Trader
What Is a Real Estate Trader
April 7, 2018

What Is a Real Estate Trader There are many aspects of real estate and one of these is real estate trading. You can call it a wilder aspect of the real estate. Just like day-traders who are far away from buying & hold investors, these traders are quite different from the type of buy &…

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