Shopping Malls Best in Lahore

Grand Square Mall is the latest multi-purpose commercial and residential multi-project, located exactly on the edge of Lahore Street – a prestigious business district in the regional capital of Lahore. Shopping Mall Best in Lahore is primarily a business venture that will look like a corporate investor, who wishes to invest in the latest art design and facilities in the city of Lahore.

Shopping Mall Best in Lahore

Best Shopping Malls in Lahore

We are the richest side of the project located in the centre of the commercial centre of Lahore – known as the Mineral Gulberg. The Grand Square Mall is located opposite of Pace Main Boulevard of Gulberg Branch, and the Hafeez market for famous electronics is close to Grand Square Mall. People who know the vital areas of Lahore should realize the importance of this site, where the Shopping Mall Best in Lahore is located – which is very rare.

The Grand Square Mall was launched in Lahore with a concept to revolutionize the best shopping centres in Lahore. Grand Square Mall is a new commercial enterprise in the heart of the elegant area of Gulberg, Lahore.

Project Details:

Developers from Gulberg Boulevard Lahore have claimed by its developers that the Mall of Gulberg also seems realistic – if we look at the expected architecture and design of the project. The project consists of 12 floors with parking space in front of it and underground. The floor plan for the project will be 8 shops, Mezzanine floor will be decorated with 16 shops. After that, both the luxurious studio and the four-bedroom apartments will be together from the first floor to the eighth floor. After that, 3 luxury two-bedroom apartments were built on floors 9 to 12. Do not forget that one will be assembled on one side of the 12th floor for investors – willing to pay its huge price.

As we were working on developing the floor plan, we are planning to build an apartment in Gulberg, Lahore. This lounge-style dining room is designed for use at the same time, and investors exclusively invest in Mallorca Gulberg.

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At present, this world-class model offers a limited number of stunning 24-storied apartments and five exclusive shops for its enthusiastic operators. Reservations to these properties can be made within 30 months of simple payments.


Undoubtedly, the Shopping Mall Best in Lahore is one of the lifespans of investment companies, companies and companies that want to own the most. Limited numbers of properties are available for booking at the Grand Square Mall in the first place.